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Audi metroproject quattro

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Posted 28 October 2007 - 05:25 PM

Audi drive select

The Audi metroproject quattro is equipped with the same Audi drive select system that can be ordered as an option for the current generation of the bestselling Audi A4. This enables the driver to pre-select one of two specially adapted configurations for the drivetrain, shift characteristics and magnetic ride shock absorbers.

The default setting is the "efficiency" mode, which is automatically activated every time the engine is started. In this mode, the engine and transmission respond gently to use of the accelerator and shift paddles. This setting is ideal for a relaxed driving style, as well as offering tremendous potential for effectively lowering fuel consumption, and therefore emissions too.

In the "efficiency" mode, the electric motor is not deployed as a source of additional torque; instead it is run selectively as the sole power source to bring about a tangible reduction in consumption. For this purpose, the system makes use of a host of parameters which can be fed to it via the navigation system.

Thanks to the navigation system's ability to detect differences in altitude along the route, regeneration phases as well as the increase in energy requirements on inclines can be computed before the journey has even started. This also makes for particularly efficient vehicle operation by harnessing the electric motor to optimum effect.

On predefined routes with access to a mains power socket at the destination, the Audi metroproject quattro can cover distances of up to 100 kilometres running purely on electrical power – and swiftly too: it is capable of reaching a speed of considerably more than 100 km/h. The combustion engine only cuts in again once battery capacity has dropped to below 20 percent of maximum.

The "efficiency" mode also flashes up messages in the central display advising the driver to deactivate energy-intensive systems, such as the automatic air conditioning's compressor, or close any open windows.

The dynamic mode is designed to produce the dynamic yet comfortable driving sensation that is so typical of the brand and that Audi drivers have come to expect of their car. In this mode, the vehicle's electronics also harness the torque available from the electric motor to achieve extra-sporty acceleration along with excellent lateral dynamics.

Source: Audi AG
Photos: 4Titude

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