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Audi Developing "Electronic Driver Trainer"

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Posted 29 August 2007 - 09:27 PM

The German automaker details a long list of how it wants to help drivers conserve fuel, including a new navigation system and a future on-board system that will help you to correct bad habits.

INGOLSTADT—Audi TechDay 2007 included some tantalizing tidbits about how the German automaker plans to help drivers reeling from sticker hock at the pump to conserve fuel. The list, which was detailed on Monday here, includes plans for a navigation system that takes “consumption-relevant data into account” and an on-board electronic driver trainer now under development that “is able to analyze the current driving style and give tips accordingly.”

Audi also sandwiched a little lecture to consumers in between all of its tech news. “Despite all this,” it said in a statement, “the driver himself retains a major responsibility for a driving style that contributes to reduced fuel consumption. Individual driving style can reduce fuel consumption, and with it emissions, by up to 30 percent—without compromising on speed and dynamism.” The German automaker also said that in spite of its work to develop such alt-fuel vehicles as hybrids, “the combustion engine will remain the major drive system for the foreseeable future.”

Audiʼs new nav system is said to incorporate “consumption-relevant data” and give route recommendations based on that information. “The necessary information about road conditions or traffic lights will be available with the next generation of digital road maps,” Audi said.

Audi said it has also developed a concept for the use of compressed natural gas, based on the TFSI engine.

It said by 2012, it will have cut the CO2 emissions from its models by around 20 percent, using such technologies as its “Modular Efficiency” program, which will show up on future models. “Here, many Audi TDI and TSFI engines are equipped with an innovative energy management system, which uses the coasting and braking phases to generate and store electrical energy,” it said. “At a standstill and when accelerating, this energy can be used to relieve the load on the alternator and the vehicle electrical system. Moreover, a new generation of start/stop system is being developed.”

Audi said it will kick off a “systematic” TDI or diesel strategy in 2008 with the 3.0-liter V6 in the Q7 and A4. “By 2010, Audi plans to offer the new technologies in other vehicle segments and power classes,” it said.

What this means to you: Audi rolled out a smorgasbord of ideas for saving fuel in the future, including the notion of personal responsibility.


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