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2007 Audi S6/S8

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Posted 11 June 2007 - 05:27 PM

Vehicle(s): 2007 Audi S6 with adaptive cruise control (includes color driver information display), advanced parking sytem with rearview camera, carbon fiber trim, technology package and warm weather package
2007 Audi S8 with 4-way power adjustment for rear outward seating positions, 4-zone climate control, adaptive cruise control, full leather upgrade, premium package and solar sunroof

Price as tested: CDN$111400 (S6) CDN$154230 (S8)

Handling: Just like the amazing RS4, both the S6 and S8 come standard with the rear-bias Torsen Quattro system. This system sends 60% of power to the rear and 40% remains in front. It gives these supersedans a rear-wheel drive feel without sacificing the excellent traction provides by the Quattro system. Along with the wonderfully stiff chassis and impressive DRC, or Dynamic Ride Control, which dials out 99.9% of all body rolls, when pushed enthuisastically through twisties. These performance cars ride as comfortably as any luxury sedans out there, with top-notch dynamics to boot. While S6ʼs nimbleness already impressed us, its S8ʼs docile character that is a truly delightful surprise. With an S8 weighting in nearly 2 tons, even with the advanced Audi Space Frame aluminum construction. It doesnʼt feel as cumbersome as its weight suggests. The level of agility and nimbleness between S6 and S8 are similar during left-to-right transitions. Best of all, their ESP are of uninstrusive type, which is perfect for an enthuisast car. Both steering are equally sharp and precise, with plenty of feedback without being twitchy on the highway. The major difference between an S6 and S8 is the use of suspension components. While S6 uses an aggressively tuned setting of A6ʼs conventional coil spring suspension, S8 is an even more aggressively tuned air suspension based on the A8. However, the results are equally astounishing.

Performance: Both the S6 and S8 use the same impressive 5.2L DOHC V10, which derived from the Lambo Gallarado. S6 has a detuned version with 435 horses and 398 lb/ft of torque. S8, on the other hand, has 450 horses but same amount of torque. Both are matched with the 6-speed Tiptronic. The biggest difference we found is the setting of the Tiptronic gearbox. In S6ʼs guise, it feels as lazy to up and downshifts as most Tiptronics we used to drive. In the S8, fortunately, receives a far smarter software. This smarter fuzzy logic software gives S8 a far smoother acceleration, as well as both up and downshifts. Either way, these performance cars need to get their hands on DSG sooner better than latter. With those wonderful sequential dual-clutch gearbox, it just makes those awesome V10 accelerates more amazingly and smoothly. The saving grace on S6ʼs Tip, however, is the standard automatic with torque converter that makes luxury car buyers feel more in a luxury car. The same canʼt be said for those who are more performance-oriented. As we have expected from a V10, throttle response is simply spectacular. These engines never run out of breath at any rev range. With 0-100 times of 5.2 seconds for S8 and 4.9 seconds for S6, nothing else is sweeter than this. Its even sweeter if you can find any roads that are able to perform these cars without being pulled over.

Brakes: Their braking prowess is as amazing as dynamic abilities. The stopping distance is short while pedal feel is simply world-class. There are no fades after couple of hard stops. ABS works exceptionally well under all conditions.

Interior: Inside an S6 and S8, its the usual A6 and A8 affairs with a twist. Our S6 comes in a handy back-up camera which is a godsent when parking in tight spot. In an S8, the leather material in our “full leather” is a notch higher above than the already excellent “leather seating surface”. The B&O system, which costs nearly $8k, is the most impressive stereo ever available in an Audi.

Conclusion: While the S8 has resetted the standards of what a supersedan should be, S6 is no slouch neither. These cars have amazing handling, wonderful powertrain and gorgeous interior ambience. Best of all, they ride as comfortably as any upper luxury sedans out there. One thing you have to get it out of your mind when driving these cars is fuel economy.

Performance: 5/5 (S6) 5/5 (S8)
Handling: 5/5 (S6) 5/5 (S8)
Interior/ergonomics/user-friendliness: 5/5 (S6) 5/5 (S8)
Fit-and-finish/build quality: 5/5 (S6) 5/5 (S8)
Cargo/accessibility/layout: 4/5 (S6) 4/5 (S8)
Value-for-money: 4/5 (S6) 4/5 (S8)

Overall ratings: 4.75/5 (S6) 4.75/5 (S8)


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