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Audi R8

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Posted 19 October 2007 - 07:14 PM

There is only one car here worth your attention or mine, and that's the R8.

Audi has pulled such an absolute blinder that I'm looking at my new Gallardo Spyder and wondering if there's some sly way I can get my money back.

We all know the Supercar Rules. It must be ostentatious, like a Murcielago Roadster (you'd attract less attention riding an ostrich in the raw); and it must be hopelessly compromised.

If you can parallel park without crushing a child or get in without losing a testicle on the seat bolster then it's out. It must leak, fail to start and must scare the very marrow out of your bones in every corner. They're the rules, and not for the first time, Audi has torn them up.

For a start, the R8 hasn't been styled by someone with ADHD. It's subtle, yet unique - TT aside. Get in, knackers intact, and parallel park at will. It'll start first time until long after you won't, and won't leak, rattle or fall apart. Unlike you again. And yet it's still a supercar.

Delicate, precise, composed and effortlessly fast, it uses the best balance of Quattro with heavy rear-drive bias to dish up sizzling IoM domination. For the old guard, it's game over.

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